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  • Pgdm in finance
    Events and singular moments make up the experience in life. It could be an amalgamation of individual seconds or a time frame in year captured in memory, which leave a profound impact because of the kaleidoscope of colors they add to life. Dewan thereafter has been one of those. God gave Moses 10 commandment. The Corporate life gave me mine: Working hard does not pay – working smart does…
    Manager Corporate, Business AIRTEL – Gurgaon
  • pgdm college
    It was 1996 and I had made up my mind to pursue a post- graduate course in management. I don’t know what pushed me to, apply to and take up the offer made by Dewan. We would be the founder batch and Dewan had no track record to boast of except the pedigree of its Board of Governors. In hindsight the decision to join Dewan was the correct one. The institute offered us the best of faculty right through the two years and unique emphasis on personality development meant that we were better prepared to take one our roles as managers in life. It’s been 19 years since I passed out and today it feel good to know that corporate India recognized the name of Dewan…
    Assistant Vice President Kotak Mahindra Bank
  • pgdm in HR
    The odyssey has just begun there is no short cut to hard work; being pro – active & persistent and a firm believer of “ best being a relative term-there is nothing that can’t be done better”. “Dewan for me has journey from which I have emerged stronger and wiser, a path that has reaffirmed my belief in being responsible, proactive and most of all honest. This might sound like a cliche but could not be more true–my bonding with Dewan has only strengthened over a period of time– from the Convocation Day. This thankfully, will be a never ending exercise…
    Bank of America – Noida

Awards & Endorsements

  • pgdm course
    Best Institute providing Global Exposure Awarded by ASSOCHAM
  • pgdm college
    A+ certification by MBA by Choice.
  • top pgdm college
    A+ Category in GoGetter's Management Institutions Survey

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