PGDM in Operations Management

This subject is a scientific approach to problem solving for management professionals. OM is the art of winning war without actually fighting it. It is very helpful in Marketing, Finance, Purchasing, Production, Research and development.

Linear programing, Queuing theory, Transportation problem, Job assignment, Game theory are the key concepts of OM. The study of Operations Management as a discipline helps in salary negotiation, to save money while purchasing, for effective transportation in industry, distribution of goods in industry, traffic flow, scheduling, and facility design.

Linear programing helps in attaining the optimum use of productive resources. Queuing theory develops more effective systems, processes, price mechanism, staffing solution and management strategies. Transportation concepts generate great understanding about availability and optimum utilization of resources with lowest cost of production. Job assignment helps us to distribute task to get optimum results. Game theory provides the basis for rational decision and thus improves the decision making process. For graduate students it is a delivery focused discipline that requires analytical as well organizational skills.

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