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DVSGI E-Cell aims to promote and foster the pathway of business ideas, entrepreneurship and financial awareness among the students of the institute by connecting them with the dynamic business leaders and providing them with a platform to conceptualize, implement and achieve their entrepreneurial innovations through business conferences, live business projects, social events, public relations and cultural activities in and outside the campus.
The E-Cell aims to train the students for future industry prospects by focusing on their professional grooming and training through regular brainstorming sessions.


To sculpt out the innovative business potential among the students to make them a part of entrepreneurship ecosystem in the society.


Just like every plant begins it’s life from a seed, we in E-Cell believe in the power of small steps to learn, grow and nurture ourselves to work comprehensively and extensively in the long term in every field.
Being a part of E-Cell, students are trained to be dynamic in their approach and compelling in their working to achieve virtous results and excel in the competitive environment.

Our first Initiative - "Nritta Kala Kendra"

Nritta Kala Kendra is the first startup initiative by E-Cell and Dewan VS Group of Institutions first ever Dance Academy to instil the art of dance in the minds of the students with a motto "Dance your Dance" through various dance styles such as semi-classical, Zumba, Freestyle, Punjabi, and sitting choreography. The Dance Academy had its grand opening on December 9th, 2021, inaugurated by Col. Naresh Goyal Sir and Ms. Shruti Arora Ma’am. Click here


To inspire, uplift and encourage the students to learn and appreciate the values of dance and performing arts with a positive approach in and outside the campus

Gala in Maschera Masquerade Party

The first joint event in the Dewan VS Group of Institutions was with the Dewan VS Institute of Engineering and Technology as the event organisers for their Freshers' party on December 15th, 2021.

The theme of the event was "GALA IN MASCHERA A MASQUERADE PARTY". As the event unfolded, it witnessed the enthusiastic and excited spirits of the freshers and also the welcoming zeal of the seniors. The motive behind being the organisers for the event was to make the team understand the importance of team spirit, responsibility, and network building inside and outside the campus for future managerial prospects in every field, because the road to success is led by these skills along with hardwork and smartwork equally. Click here

Rotary International Exposure

Dewan VS Group of Institutions E-Cell believes in providing practical training to students in order to improve their results and experience through real-world projects. The first live project outside the campus was coordinated with Rotary International Club for their gala district conference, "Swapnil-The Conference of Dreams," on December 18th and 19th, 2021, where the E-Cell team members had hands-on practical experience of guest management, team spirit, and confidence building.
Meeting the high-profile guests and being a part of the coordinating team boosted the morale of the students and was in itself an enriching experience for the team. Click here

Other Competitions & Activities

E-Cell commemorated our country's 73rd Republic Day by hosting a variety of competitions for DVSGI students to keep them linked, even digitally, and to involve them in a variety of inventive and creative activities.
On January 24, 2022, the events were streamed live online.

The Indian Constitution Quiz Competition was created in collaboration with the Confederation for Educational Excellence and the Mai hoon Bharat Campaign to instill the values of our constitution in the minds of students and to share some unknown and interesting facts about our Constitution with them.

The Non-Biodegradable Waste Management Competition was created to promote the objective of sustainability through the use of waste materials and the creation of marvels from the discarded. The team received some of the remarkable models developed by the participants, such as wall hangings made of scrap metals, hanging lamps and planters made of plastic bottles, and hanging lights made of tyres, to help us advance with the Campus beautification project. Click Here

Master of the stage- The Talent Hunt was held to highlight the students' individuality and to instill confidence in them for future endeavours. The team welcomed abilities such as Mandala skills, dancing, singing, and other activities that allowed students to think, create, and define their own creativity and uniqueness that set them apart from the rest. Click Here

The pandemic has made us realise the critical importance of staying connected and participating in such activities in order to maintain our enthusiasm, positivity, and hopes, and E-Cell is working to achieve its goal of fostering creativity and innovation through these competitions in order to lay a strong foundation for the future.

Eccentric Chronicles

The motive of the chronicles is to keep a record of the working of the E-Cell, it’s various projects and to share the progress of the projects with the stakeholders and business leaders time to time to provide the real time industry exposure to the students and to boost the entrepreneurial awareness in the campus.

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